Silje Talgø Grønset was born and raised in the area of Trondheim, Norway. After finishing high school she went to Toneheim Folk High School to study music for a year. From 2005 until the summer of 2008 she took her degree in musiclogy at NTNU (University of Trondheim) and UiO (University of Oslo) with the main focus being classical singing. She continued studying music at the UiS (university of Stavanger), Department of Music and Dance. There she was trained in classical singing/opera from 2008 until 2012. After her studies she traveled to Melbourne, Australia for 13 months where she trained as an actor at VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) and 16th street acting studio. Further on she moved to Berlin to do the year-long program at Actors Space Berlin where she mainly was trained in the Meisner-technique. She currently has her base in Berlin, where she is involved with different projects in front of the camera, on stage and musically.


Personal information:

Height: 163 cm

Eyes: Blue / yellow

Hair: Light brown

Playing age: 27 – 36

Language: Norwegian (native), Swedish (good), English (fluent), German (fluent), Danish (Basic)

Voice: Soprano

Instrument: Piano, Electrical organo


2021: E-BAY – Astronautin / NR / Commercial / Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen / Tempomedia

2018: REWE / HR / Werbefilm / Director: Werner Damen / Soup Film

2017: AKTENZEICHEN XY / NR / Director: Boris Keidies / ZDF

2017: CRASHERS / HR / Director: Rolf Roring / Watchmen Productions / Trailer


2023: IN YOUR HEAD / HR / Format: Short film / Director: Abhishek Kolge / Rajnanda Production

2022: UNA GRAN VOGLIA DI VIVERE (LUST FOR LIFE) / Format: Feature film / Director: Michela Andreozzi / Paco Cinematografia

2021: ARE YOU STILL THERE? / Format: Feature film / Director: Maria Mørkrid / Met Film School

2021: CATCALL / Format: Short /Director: Maria Mørkrid / Met Film School

2019: THE COLOUR RED / NR / Format: Short / Director: Hazel Isler / Met Film School

2019: AUNT / HR / Format: Short / Director: Tumi Bjartur Valdimarsson / dBs Film Berlin

2018: AVEC PLAISIR / HR / Format: Short / Director: Pascal Schuh / Filmuniversität Babelsberg

2016: HELLDUNKEL / HR / Format: Short / Director: Gisela Günther / Dffb

2016: FROM DEEP SLEEP / HR / Format: Short / Director: Philipp Gabriel

2015: VERRATE MIR / NR / Format: Short / Director: Ju-Yong Kim

2015: GEFÄHRLICHE LIEBSCHAFTEN – IN DER ESSENZ / HR / Format: Short / Director: André Bolouri

Opera & Theater:

2022: MURMELMORFOSE / Performance with music and poetry / Created and performed by Mareike Hein and Silje Talgø Grønset 

2019: TRUDE / Trygg til natten / Director: Kristin Heskje, Tone Knutson & Silje Talgø Grønset / Norwegian Children´s Theater for Sjømannskirken i Berlin

2019: The mystery project / Director: Amit Hagin (Still under development)

2012: ROSE / The Magical Hat / Den Kulturelle Skolesekken / Regi: Espen Hana, Wibeke Wetaas, Silje Talgø Grønset

2012: SERPINA / La Serva Padrona (G. B. Pergolesi) / UiS / Regi: Einar Bjørge

2011: DAMIGELLA / L’incoronazione Di Poppea (C. Monteverdi) / UiS / Regi: Caterina Panti Liberovici

2010: SISTER / Suor Angelica (G. Puccini) / UiS / Regi: Mette Arnstad

2009: BARBARINA / Le Nozze Di Figaro (W. A. Mozart) / UiS / Regi: Mette Arnstad

2005: GJERTRUD / Opera Olav Engelbrektsson (H. Sommero) / Steinvikholm Musikkteater / Regi: Ronald Rørvik


Actors Space Berlin 2014/2015

Performing Arts / Classical Music (UiS) 2008/2012

Musicology (NTNU / UiO) 2005/2008

Music High School (Toneheim Fhs) 2003/2004

Courses / Workshops: 

VCA, Melbourne / Australia, 6 months evening classes, 2013

16th street acting studio, Melbourne / Australia, 6 months evening classes, 2013

Michael Chekhov Workshop, Rome / Italy ,2018

Aleta Chapelle Workshop, Berlin / Germany, 2018

Amelie Tambour Drop-in, Berlin / Germany

Michael Chekhov workshop, Rome / Italy, 2018





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Singing lessons

Do you want to find your own unique voice?

I will teach you how to better connect with your body, how to use singing techniques so as to avoid damages and strengthen your voice. I will also be focusing on your own personal colours of voice and expression. Learning how to sing well should not mean loosing your own personal sound.

I am a classically trained singer (see resume). After my singing education I have studied acting and am working both as an actress and a singer. I am now exploring different directions with my voice. Trying out several genres to further develop my own diversity as a vocalist.

In my teaching I will use my knowledge of both classical singing and acting. My goal is to figure out who you are and build the confidence you need so you can let your voice free.

What we will work on:

  • Body and vocal warm ups
  • Breathing exercises and understanding the anatomy used for singing
  • Increasing the vocal range and flexibility
  • Working with repertoire and expression

Lessons will take place at my home, or I am happy to travel to you, if there is a piano/keyboard available for use. Due to the current situation with lockdown and restrictions I am now offering online lessons.

  • First “Try-out” lesson: 25 €
  • 3 follow-up lessons: 30 € each

  • 5th lesson and on: 40 €
  • Package of 4 lessons: 135 €
  • All lessons are 60 min